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A little about us

Aletheia Academy is an after-school education service providing supplemental, specialist and course-specific coaching for key and critical certifications. We pride ourselves on improving our students’ academic levels and grades, as well as mentoring them through to the most sought-after and prestigious educational establishments. Our facilities are welcoming and tailored to a vibrant but personal atmosphere of aspiring high, acquiring much and achieving the best we can, together.
When you study with us, you have taken the first steps to success!

Our tutors are dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic deliverers who enjoy teaching yet continue to strive in their own learning, improving and developing of knowledge and skills. The tutors are subject specialists in their own rights and the subjects delivered are broad and varied. Lessons are delivered through teaching, discussing and debating whilst tutors methodically “drill-down” and discover the depth of their charges’ understanding. We are grateful for the vibrant and energetic atmosphere they create and the ethos of learning they imbue to the students.

Aletheia Academy was established in 2010 and has been educating and supporting students from Year 3 to Year 13 ever since. We’ve rarely needed to tell our story or sing our successes; we’ve listened to our graduate Aletheians and their families do that for us!

Needless to say, we are qualified teachers and staff who realized a need for our own sons and daughters, looking at their school reports and attending parents evenings whilst their teachers instruct us to help our children improve “or they won’t make the grade!” Never having a real clue as to what to do, when to do it, what resources to use and at what level to pitch. And hence, the collective and co-operative establishment of Aleteheia Academy!


Aletheia has been nurtured and developed with a some key focesses in mind:

  • keep the resources targeted and up-to-date
  • ensure the staff create a homely and welcoming atmosphere
  • work with the parents and schools to monitor learning
  • keep the jargon and communication simple and direct
  • motivate the students to aspire, acquire and achieve 
We’ve aimed to establish the type and manner of support that we wanted, as parents, for our students and their parents. And all have appreciated our service, as a consequence.
If you find yourself in need of a hand to help your child improve their educational skills, then please do pop in and have a friendly chat over a cup of tea/coffee. We’re more than willing to help!


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Teacher 04

Karen Banks

Teacher – Educator

Teacher 05

Helen Bishop

Teacher – Educator

Teacher 06

Denise Hunt

Teacher – Educator

Teacher 01

Amber Tran

Teacher – Educator

Teacher 02

Amy Guzman

Teacher – Educator

Teacher 03

Pamela Sanchez

Director – Educator

Aletheia Academy Ltd, 1112 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 8AE, UK

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