Aletheia Academy the best tuition in Birmingham and the best tuition in Hall Green

best tuition in Birmingham and the best tuition in Hall Green

tuition in Birmingham and the best tutors in Hall Green

Welcome to Aletheia Academy!

The Best Tuition in Birmingham!

About Us

Welcome to Aletheia Academy, a premier after-school tutoring center in Hall Green, Birmingham. Since 2010, we have been dedicated to providing top-notch tuition services for students from Year 3 to Year 13. Our goal is to enhance academic achievement and prepare students for success in highly competitive educational environments.

At Aletheia Academy, we specialise in supplemental, specialist, and course-specific coaching aimed at key and critical certifications. Whether you’re seeking tuition in Birmingham or specific coaching in Hall Green, our expert tutors are here to elevate your educational experience. We take pride in significantly boosting our students’ academic levels and grades.

Our welcoming facilities are designed to foster an atmosphere of ambition and personal growth. We believe in inspiring our students to aspire high, acquire essential skills, and achieve their best. By joining Aletheia Academy, you are not just enrolling for tutoring—you are stepping towards academic excellence.

Join us at Aletheia Academy, where your first step is a leap towards success in prestigious educational establishments.

Aletheia Academy Ofsted Registered
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Our Courses







Key Stage 2 Tuition

Unlock your child’s potential with expert Key Stage Two tuition in Birmingham. Our specialized, engaging lessons in maths, English, and science are tailored to boost performance and foster academic excellence. Start their transformative journey today!

11+ & Grammar Prep

Prepare your child for success with comprehensive 11+ grammar school prep, targeting students in Years 3 to 5. Expert guidance to master exam techniques and boost confidence for top UK grammar schools!

SATs Yr6 Prep

Get your Year 6 child ready for secondary school with our focused prep program. Tailored support to enhance skills and confidence, ensuring a smooth transition to UK secondary education!

Key Stage 3 Tuition

Enhance your child’s learning with specialised tuition for Years 7 to 9. Our expert tutors support UK secondary school students in mastering key subjects, fostering academic growth and confidence!

GCSE Tuition

Maximise exam success for Years 10 and 11 with targeted tuition in the UK. Our experienced tutors provide expert strategies and support to excel in GCSEs and other key assessments.

A Level Tuition

Secure top A-Level results with our specialized tuition for Years 12 and 13. Understand the critical importance of these exams and how challenging finding qualified teachers can be—our expert tutors are here to guide UK students to success.

Tuition in Hall Green

KS 2

(years 2 to 6)

Tuition in Birmingham

11+ Tuition

(years 5 to 6)

aletheia academy birmingham - tuition in hall green

KS 3

(years 7 to 11)

Tuition in Hall Green


(years 9 to 11)

Tuition in Hall Green

A Level

(years 12 & 13)

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Financial Support

As an Ofsted registered childcare centre, we provide a perfect solution for single parents or those engaged in full-time work or education. Our accredited services allow you to confidently leave your child in our safe and nurturing environment while you focus on your professional or academic commitments.

Furthermore, we’re open throughout the year, ensuring that your child has a secure and caring place to stay whenever you are away. Additionally, you may be eligible for supplementary funding designed to enhance the quality of your child’s life. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or visit us. We are here to support you and your family every step of the way.

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Our address & contact details

Where to Find Us

1112 Stratford Road
Hall Green
Birmingham, B28 8AE

Phone & Email

Phone: 0121 647 672
Mobile: 07868 920 555

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
14.00 – 20.00
Weekend Closed


Afternoons, 16.00 – 17:30
Evenings, 17:45 – 19:30
Homeschooling available

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